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  1. Ok so that file doesn't work please download this file Ages.json
  2. i think this post is good for you but still i will try find the file that u have to change. Edit: Ok so go to the Age of Civilization folder and then go to game folder and put the file there i will test if it works if not i may create my own Edit 2: The mod doesn't work
  3. ill try to help u my dude
  4. Im just giving out my opinion
  5. 이것은 한국이 어떻게 중국을 통일하고 패배 시키지만 식민지에 참여한 일본의 공격에 대한 시나리오입니다. Google Translate
  6. it sucks tbh if ya want better version ukraine just say u want i will send it propably in 20 minutes
  7. WELCOME! This is a scenario about Korea United Defeated the Chinese and went to war with Japan. While Japanese had their own ambitions by defeating the Russian's. How to install - Put the 1588701314113dhuyffol.rar file in (D or any disc that u have the game installed on) D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II\map\Earth\scenarios. Discamer - This scenario doesn't represent any in real life event its purly fiction made by the author 1588701314113dhuyffol 1588701314113dhuyffol_A 1588701314113dhuyffol_C 1588701314113dhuyffol_D 1588701314113dhuyffol_HRE 1588701314113dhuyffol_INFO.json 1588701314113dhuyffol_PD 1588701314113dhuyffol_W 1588701314113dhuyffol_E 1588701314113dhuyffol.rar
  8. u just tap a button so much that it lands on water and boom port
  9. saladmonster243

    Game crash

    yep they were only folders
  10. saladmonster243


    kyronfoy67 they change but its rare its maily done by rebelions
  11. You cant modify it without a very high expierence with the program and u can find files like this - go to the properties in steam --> local files --> explore local files --> saves --> games --> (map u want etc. earth) and there are your saves that without expierence cant be modifie/copied because it may bug your game/destroy the expierience of the game Thanks dont CHEAT!
  12. Ok first u select the provinces u want to give as cores to germany or anyone else Then u go to "Add Core" Button (idk whats its called because im on polish version so im just guessing) then u drag the Population percentages button and select germany
  13. I will check how to edit the population level brb in 5 mins
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