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  1. hmm this is forum for all nations and @Basileia Ton Rhomaion racist
  2. davidtjk

    Avatar Aang MOD

    haha dead mod
  3. why we will do just for 1 peoples bruh?
  4. Join strategic Force we have bots and more : P link to join: https://discord.gg/fawb9W5 ; )
  5. bruh idk what language you speak but why we should make?
  6. davidtjk

    Game not launching

    hmm do this things: go to task messanger or go bottom and write task messanger after is will show you and close steam tab if doesnt work do again if this dont help i cant do anything sorry : (
  7. lol this need to be ready for now? . . . . . This mean new dead mod again
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