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  1. Hi bruh you now me ( Davidtjk ) I am make club name the producer (already) and we want you to be our member of team if you not want i don't care but if you want please say your location to what time i can talk with and we can help you if you want so what do you think? and we can be sponsor!


  2. yep bruh for i will ad more peoples
  3. srry irussian because there to peoples wanna be rusia for this i split 


  4. ok guys i really think what i will do on africa i think will give random countries to european like ww1 or ww2 and are they any asian for asia
  5. its open now https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JfjZZCb3DPixl4cnEMV6j_k7-jp1I-tK/view?usp=sharing
  6. can we talk]

  7. new update tomorrow will be 20 countries !!!!!!!
  8. do you heard about great new project can you choose country

  9. this is wrong hi guys if you want you can download mine don't forget this is for earth not for europe map ok 1500 europe.rar
  10. sorry bruh but one people me take that
  11. hi bruh i doing a project i want to add you to what country you will be ?

    1. Suzema


      Um, ok, here's borders 


    2. davidtjk
  12. i think i will ad you on west turkey ok bruh

  13. memososisi are you want to be turkey ?



  14. sorry if take to much time because i want to do more countries ok forret



    1. Forret


      don't worry, take your time

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