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  1. hi @Łukasz Jakowski they are new guy call@khulusum he is spamming probably so you should ban this guy from forum

  2. sorry but if lukaz will do the update he will do before lol
  3. davidtjk

    Avatar Aang MOD

    haha dead mod sorry xD
  4. why we will do just for 1 peoples bruh?
  5. Join strategic Force we have bots and more : P link to join: https://discord.gg/fawb9W5 ; )
  6. bruh idk what language you speak but why we should make?
  7. davidtjk

    Game not launching

    hmm do this things: go to task messanger or go bottom and write task messanger after is will show you and close steam tab if doesnt work do again if this dont help i cant do anything sorry : (
  8. lol this need to be ready for now? . . . . . This mean new dead mod again
  9. hmm probably not but hoi4 can be for has his mac version ; )
  10. davidtjk


    bruh is not just on code even for normal updating to game will take fastest 6 month if u have 100s of 100s people
  11. hmm i support this mod
  12. hey kerem i found mistake on world+ beta you dont add divisisons or civilizations editor for this there many bugs!
  13. davidtjk


    hey guys the aoc2 forum is dead and each day coming more dead there to much spammer we have discord server for aoc2 players or hoi4 idk link: https://discord.gg/DXR6u8
  14. davidtjk

    110 BC map WW2 MAP

    sorry but is DEAD
  15. bruh he has own channel
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