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  1. davidtjk

    MAC OS?!

    bruh everyone noes the macos is not for gaming buy pc computer or leptop
  2. hmmmmmmmmmm idk
  3. davidtjk

    Please help me

    go to scenario you want and after press the country go victory contidions if there i turn limit make that zero if there no idk
  4. sorry for i not add this go to games after flag editor after click 3rd file name division
  5. if you not want to buy photoshop app go to google and write gimp photoshop download is free after download the flag you want copy that flag and go steam browse local files go to flags editor paste you flag after rename like divxxx_0 after click the flag and open with gimp after press image and scale image 68 44 because if not game will crush and press files export as if is jpg rename png after copy the image and rename divxxx_1 dont forget to add the _1 go to second divison click to open with notepad after copy the xxxxx write divxxx if is 156 write 157 and enjoy 🙂
  6. is easy first press ctrl alt delete same time after press task manager and stop steam like press steam and press end task if not work do 3-4 if not work like this delete the steam
  7. is normal if you want back army click to flag write hi and write create army xxxxx
  8. bruh go to the files and chek if there wrong things happening or delete steam and reitanll and age of civlization 2
  9. do you will be add all of the provinces names i no is tooo hard 😞
  10. i love it Is one of best mod of age of civlization 2 🙂
  11. can you add colonies of british and france and make bosnia vassal of austria-hungary at ww1
  12. You say you will finish v0.1.5 on after week but where is link? i am tired for asking!
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