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  1. bruv u need to learn if you want mod get popular make english version
  2. davidtjk


    bruv goodjob can u be our club member ? we will have : )
  3. davidtjk


    bruh what you want to say?
  4. bruv do you want to be on my project you know making peoples countries they live or born

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    2. davidtjk


      100 of them is ready and now you can download betas but not you on next update ok

    3. Windows XP Mapping
    4. davidtjk


      thanks for following me i will follow you too : )

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  5. bruv

    1. davidtjk


      welcome to aoc2 forum but is 99.999999 is dead so?

  6. davidtjk

    IOS ---

    idk but i know think if you know how to peon files on ios you can do it?
  7. : (

    1. davidtjk



    2. Forret


      okay, I will go for now

    3. Forret


      Don't worry, we can talk later today, I need to go to work first

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  8. do you want to be in our club ! we can help you so ( we are modders )
  9. there languages french english spanish portugeze russian turkish 

  10. bruh do you want to go my discord server https://discord.gg/hY4wqe

  11. are you bot?

    Seth Meyers GIF by Late Night with Seth Meyers

    1. KefkaPalazzos


      Noup. i post my first map

    2. davidtjk


      ok goodjob do you want to go my discord server there no peoples : (

    3. davidtjk
  12. hey bruh can you join my server : ) https://discord.gg/UW36fF

    1. davidtjk


      yes or no

  13. hey bruh can you join my server : ) https://discord.gg/UW36fF come the server is fun and there not to much peoples

  14. i join and i add with discord message
  15. i can help you if you ask how i can help with scenarios so ?
  16. I think you need to make more videos
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