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  1. ok again now world war 3 is coming I need popcorn
  2. guys i really like this guy alternate map so what do you should i do it or nope link https://www.deviantart.com/guilhermealmeida095/art/Alternate-World-Map-743222570
  3. bruh can u add leaders and flags (not fake flags pls)
  4. can we talk

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    2. Forret


      I will do it fast as I could. South America is still not completed. I could do United province of Rio Grande, remains of Brazil

    3. Forret


      I will release it tomorrow add some leaders, but for you, you can already play it. However I will update it tomorrow. Enjoy

      Fall of EU & NATO.rar

    4. Forret


      For me, it's sleepytime

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  5. hey



  6. congratulations you past iturkishmaping be the 1st member on aoc2 site


    1. Shiite


      Nah more like reclaiming it, that title has always been close between us. Usually I have been the one ahead but recently ITurkish was, but its back to the norm now

    2. ITurkishmapping


      in the start, I was in the lead

  7. bruh how you get so popular?


    1. Shiite


      Idk really. I fell into an at the time thriving community and met some great people, forming bonds that last to this day. I really was good circumstances, I was everywhere in this place when it was at its peak and so most liked me, and I still talk with a lot of the oldies today. Now if you mean rep well..... that is a different story hehe

  8. davidtjk


    bruh what?
  9. davidtjk


    yeah because this make from coding but to much people not now but is will to much time
  10. shiite you need to make videos on your youtube channel ok


    1. Shiite


      He is, Istanbul, Astolfo is the character in his pfp (it is a guy btw) 

    2. davidtjk
    3. Shiite


      responding to all of your questions in the order you asked them. Is he a turk, where does he live, what is on his pfp

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  11. this mod is bad there i really bad bugs like there need to morarchy country flags got to the democracy
  12. can we talk


    1. Forret


      Later, I need to go to work. After 10 hours, we can talk ok?

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