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  1. davidtjk


    if you want so much play hoi4 or eu4?
  2. davidtjk


    look at this dude hahahahahh
  3. bruh i really dont understand you you speak french and turkish and english and more
  4. hey are u alive ?

    Again GIF by memecandy

    1. Aoc2 Amigalandesco

      Aoc2 Amigalandesco

      ok xd I am Speak Spanish and English

    2. davidtjk


      there channel name forret the mapper he will do!

    3. Aoc2 Amigalandesco

      Aoc2 Amigalandesco

      ok, I'll send you the map link, because I don't know why it is blocked when downloading

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  5. hi kokakolabrooooo 

    coca cola GIF

  6. hey kerem

  7. hey are they your friend shiite ?

    1. davidtjk



  8. hey

  9. do not do write to much you we will ban you!


    우리가 당신을 금지 할 것입니다 당신에게 많이 쓰지 마십시오!

    stop it neil patrick harris GIF


    1. MapSandbox


      these are bots dude they won't stop

  10. Hey Lukaz i want to be emperor ?

    1. Shiite


      You need over 500 posts to become it

  11. can we talk

  12. Lukaz Jawoski can I be emperor ?

  13. hey ITurkishmapping why do not want Shiite gets emperor back?

  14. guys i really like this guy alternate map so what do you should i do it or nope link https://www.deviantart.com/guilhermealmeida095/art/Alternate-World-Map-743222570
  15. bruh can u add leaders and flags (not fake flags pls)
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