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    davidtjk reacted to Chairman Baad in (mod idea) Releasable Colonies!   
    Project Imperator has something like that for France and French Guiana.
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    davidtjk reacted to DenizMert2008 in Petition for Lukasz to make regular updates DELETED!   
    i dont think so and wanna join club named AOC2
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    davidtjk reacted to CassalettIV in Discord Factions: Darkest hour | In development   
    Why so much bruh lol
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    davidtjk reacted to Ljayxy in World War 3   
    nice 🙂
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    davidtjk got a reaction from MapSandbox in World War 3   
    This scenario is alternative future
    link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1w9e3fM7eAtwaFWVEUM06DvonBNHZwmUW/view?usp=sharing
    photo: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Vt9pQa2pjo5eK8jqmVAZdCfzQQsWPnPB?usp=sharing
    Thanks ; )
    By: Davidtjk
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    davidtjk got a reaction from Hussars Soldier in multiplayer   
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    davidtjk reacted to DenizMert2008 in Lukasz ile röportaj   
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    davidtjk reacted to BlackWolfTR in AOC for consoles   
    Im the only one who wants AOC2 for consoles (xbox one and ps4)?? Is anyone also want this? It will be cool and I definitely will playing this on my Xbox one 🙂 Łukasz please do thissssssss! 
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    davidtjk reacted to FurkanUzun14 in Mongol War   
    The Future
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    davidtjk reacted to Forret in Fall of Eu & Nato   
    I've released new scnario: Fall of Eu-Nato.
    If you want to play this scenario you need to take these files:
    If you want screenshot, just watch this video:
    Fall of EU & NATO.rar
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    davidtjk reacted to MapSandbox in 435 ad with 364 province   
    bruh you should do the 4269 provinces
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    davidtjk reacted to Jivko89470 in Size map?   
    Hello Friends, I downloaded the AoC2 map editor, is it possible to replace the card with a higher resolution than 4440x2600?
    Thanks for the recommendation 🙂
  14. Haha
    davidtjk reacted to Mortingenstrasse in The Turkish War of Independence-West Front   
    1921 Turkish war of Independence West Front     Greeks-Turkish
    Kurtuluş savaşı senaryosu,Batı cephesi.
    Realist armies and economy.
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    davidtjk reacted to Anglo-Dutch in The game should be made temporarily free!   
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    davidtjk reacted to Forret in AOC2 mapper   
    Hello, I've started AOC2 channel, for now I play 1440 scenario but I will also release new scenario's. Check it out: 
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    davidtjk reacted to Ecofcu in World+ Full Version (3650/11.000 Provinces) W.I.P   
    french italian border and monaco province's place is not correct. pls edit rivers. my dc hasantheconqueror
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    davidtjk reacted to MapSandbox in No   
    lol aoc2 is my only game. WE ARE AOC2 PEOPLE WHO DONT CARE HOI4 EU4 AND ALL OTHERS!
  20. Haha
    davidtjk reacted to Souliousery in The game should be made temporarily free!   
    In this current pandemic, the game should me made free to keep on steam for a limited time! People wanting to play the game should have a chance and get to play right now for free! Please listen to us, Łukasz.
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    davidtjk reacted to kodomono in kodomono   
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    davidtjk reacted to Leeb in ERROR bug for scenario.   
    1. Are you on mobile Or PC
    2. Is your game up to date ?
    PC Method 👇 (Steam only)
    1. Verify the game files integrity 
    2. Reinstall it if the 1. didn't worked 
    Android method 👇 
    1. Delete the game you have 
    2. Reinstall it from the play store 
    IOS method 👇
    1. Delete the game 
    2. Reinstall it from the Apps store or apple store 
    (If it doesn't worked, I can't do anything more for you 😬)
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    davidtjk reacted to peterson telles in 1648 scenario   
    I found some errors here
    1 ---> the united kingdom was created in 1701
    2 ---> the tupinanbas are located wrong
    3 ---> you chose the wrong france (but this is not very important)
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    davidtjk reacted to lukaaa in Lukaaa   
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    davidtjk reacted to MrDoge6000 in (A.P.K & PC) Fate of World Mod Released ! - NEW UI, 15 NEW SCENARIOS + 185 EVENTS, NEW BACKGROUND, NEW ICONS, NEW 256 IDEOLOGIES, NEW RELIGIONS, NEW GREAT PORTUGAL MAP & NEW MUSICS   
    When I played modern day I see that Turkish language event I don't speak turk everyone speaks English
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