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  1. can you send the google link to install the mod cause can't access VK
  2. Ivr send link to download before you get banned, also VK link isn't accessible
  3. that's awesome I only play Addon so can you link to download a demo because i'm still playing the one you lionked like 2 months ago, also on what forum are you? VK? Discord? can you send a link to it please
  4. I've been trying but I don't know if it's even possible could someone tell me how and if it's possible in the first place ?
  5. mod when
  6. finnaly a good mod that actually works, will you add some provinces in the future ?
  7. Here's a governements list I did, i copied the Addon 1.0 one because it was alredy mostly good and upgraded the placements, changed some colors and added populism and anarchy, feel free to use for your mod IVR and hope it'll make your life easier. { Government: [ { Name: "Democracy", Extra_Tag: "", GOV_GROUP_ID: 0, ACCEPTABLE_TAXATION: 0.2, MIN_GOODS: 0.14, MIN_INVESTMENTS: 0.14, RESEARCH_COST: 1.0, INCOME_TAXATION: 1.0, INCOME_PRODUC
  8. idk if yu still accept province suggestions but here's the mexican provinces
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