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  1. there is a port, I can sail north. I noticed this when I wanted to make a landing on the port, but I could not and had to do it through the north (Google Translate)
  2. I can not swim in the sea on the left (Google Translate)
  3. The capitals of Ukraine and the Netherlands stand nearby in Focus. Also, on android it is impossible to start the game. You explained what to do with 49% and said that it doesn’t lag to set the card size to x1, but to put it I would preferably boot, and not see an endless load of 99%. Is it possible to set the size of the card x1 without starting? For some whom I know for the same reason can not start the game. Or put size 1 on the android right away so that it’s somehow loaded, otherwise it’s almost impossible to load 30,000 or 60000px on a 1280x800 tablet (Google Translate)
  4. Кроме провинций будут еще изменения? И какие есть сценарии?
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