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  1. Idea: -Add an event to decide between Monarchy or Republic in Italy on 2 June 1946
  2. Ideas: 1. Divide Africa as shown on the map. 2. Enter an event in Libya to allow state creation on December 24, 1951 3. Insert an event in Eritrea in 1950 to annex it to the Ethiopian empire 4. Anglo-Egyptian Sudan should be under the control of both the United Kingdom and Egypt 5. Insert an event for the independence of Sudan on January 1st 1956 6. Insert one of the events for the independence of Morocco in March 2, 1956 from France and April 7, 1956 from Spain 7. Insert events for the independence of French Cameroon in January 1, 1960, the annexation of English North Cameroon t
  3. I don't know this mod, but I'm Italian and I'll see if I can help you with the Italian translation. These days until the 15th of this month I won't be able to be very active to help, but I will do my best.
  4. Without intruding on his personal affairs, I would like to know why he had to take a break in the progression of the mod?
  5. I have two requests to ask: I would like to know the progress of the project? I would also like to know how many are you doing this mod?
  6. This is the 1861 scenario for Bloody Europe II and you can download it right here! Screenshots: Download: 1861.rar
  7. But it will be a mod to add to the original Aoc2 or it will be a separate application
  8. I have one question: Do I have to uninstall the original version of Aoc2?
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