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  1. ពុម្ពអក្សរនេះ គឺខ្ញុំបានដាក់ ពុម្ព Limon Khmer ចូលទៅហ្គេម ទើបវាបង្ហាញដូចរូប។ វាមានភាពលំបាកព្រោះខ្ញុំមិនមាន ជំនាញសរសេរកូដ។ បើសិនចង់អោយហ្គេមនេះបង្ហាញជា ភាសាខ្មែរ តម្រូវឲ្យប្ដូរ ឬបន្ថែម ពុម្ពខ្មែរលីមូន និងកំណត់ក្នុងFile មួយនៃ Folder language ទើបបង្ហាញជាភាសាខ្មែរ ប៉ុន្តែតម្រូវអោយសម្រួល File Khmer language ប្រភេទ យូនីកូដ ទៅជា ប្រភេទ ខ្មែរលីមូនសិន។ ដោយសារខ្ញុំមិនមានពេលគ្រប់គ្រាន់ ទើបផ្អាកសិនរង់ចាំទំនេរ ឬមានគ្នាមកជួយ ទើបបន្តទៅមុខទៀត។
  2. Update!!! Coming soon, Khmer language will full release. I have update : Add khmer Flag language. fixed error display Khmer language And add complete 100% Fixed font unicode to limon font. Thank you! សូមអរគុណ! ** KhmerUI is not support with this game *** replace Khmer Font to limon font »»»»»»» Please Like Or comment or Support «««««
  3. Dear All, How to add new language with your flag ? Step 1: - go to file game > language > Bundle.properties and transate 100% complete. Step 2 : go to Game > Font add your font Step 3 : go to Game > language Add your file and done ! For Flag Step 1: go to Game > Flag and find your Flag code ( Khmer flag code is cab_m) Step 2: go to Game > language > Age of Civillization write your locale code * for khmer: ;km;cab_m: (km is your locale, cab_m is your code locale flag) DONE !
  4. Dear, all My name : Yalro, I would like to share khmer language of AoC II. i has translate comple file locale: Game > language > Bundle.properties to Khmer 100% and continue to Game > Civilliation... For Khmer language of AoC II : Bundle_km.properties
  5. YalRo


    Lukas not reply. becuase he dont need to make more. you can see have a more mob aoc2. for me, i have spent time to translate as a khmer language (complete) and i has request help from him, but he dont care reply mail or chat.
  6. Multi it's mean multiplayer online, not offline. but i think can't make multiplayer online too.
  7. Hello, Lukas! I have file Khmer language translates 100% already, So can You add My language on your game? Or And You teach me About location Set Flag of Language and location translates more...? I would like to translates it. 🙂
  8. Ok! When you make new update, please message to me. Thank! Telegram: +855313339572
  9. So, when i translation 100% can you add my language Official app? Now i complet 60% translation.
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