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  1. no one can help me? i can help you about khmerOS & Khmer font.
  2. Hello, Gust! I have a Problem about adding Khmer language. I have add khmer language to file --- already but i dont know where i can setting my language. Please Help me! Thank,
  3. Hello, Lukas! I have file Khmer language translates 100% already, So can You add My language on your game? Or And You teach me About location Set Flag of Language and location translates more...? I would like to translates it. 🙂
  4. Ok! When you make new update, please message to me. Thank! Telegram: +855313339572
  5. So, when i translation 100% can you add my language Official app? Now i complet 60% translation.
  6. I want to make your mod to as Khmer Language
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