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  1. Update!!! Coming soon, Khmer language will full release. I have update : Add khmer Flag language. fixed error display Khmer language And add complete 100% Fixed font unicode to limon font. Thank you! សូមអរគុណ! ** KhmerUI is not support with this game *** replace Khmer Font to limon font »»»»»»» Please Like Or comment or Support «««««
  2. Dear All, How to add new language with your flag ? Step 1: - go to file game > language > Bundle.properties and transate 100% complete. Step 2 : go to Game > Font add your font Step 3 : go to Game > language Add your file and done ! For Flag Step 1: go to Game > Flag and find your Flag code ( Khmer flag code is cab_m) Step 2: go to Game > language > Age of Civillization write your locale code * for khmer: ;km;cab_m: (km is your locale, cab_m is your code locale flag) DONE !
  3. Dear, all My name : Yalro, I would like to share khmer language of AoC II. i has translate comple file locale: Game > language > Bundle.properties to Khmer 100% and continue to Game > Civilliation... For Khmer language of AoC II : Bundle_km.properties
  4. YalRo


    Lukas not reply. becuase he dont need to make more. you can see have a more mob aoc2. for me, i have spent time to translate as a khmer language (complete) and i has request help from him, but he dont care reply mail or chat.
  5. Multi it's mean multiplayer online, not offline. but i think can't make multiplayer online too.
  6. Hello, Lukas! I have file Khmer language translates 100% already, So can You add My language on your game? Or And You teach me About location Set Flag of Language and location translates more...? I would like to translates it. 🙂
  7. Ok! When you make new update, please message to me. Thank! Telegram: +855313339572
  8. So, when i translation 100% can you add my language Official app? Now i complet 60% translation.
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