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  1. Age of Kingdoms (I) is an Aoc2 mod focusing on the middle ages, with new scenarios, new ideologies, and a new map. Age of Kingdoms is in a very early state, and will not release for a long while. New Ideologies: Constitutional Monarchism, Dictatorship, and Feudal Monarchism
  2. Did you buy it on steam? I don't think you can get it on any other app, but im asking anyways.
  3. Sounds great. Once you release it can you send my some screenshots, and I could create it in vanilla if you want. Also if you need help with programming the mod I'm here to help.
  4. Once I am done my fire and fury scenario, I will revamp this scenario. When I revamp it, it will no longer need addon+.
  5. It's 1929. WW1 just ended two years ago, and both sides got nothing out of it. Immense instability strikes almost every country in the world. Germany is fighting a civil war, the Ottoman Empire is about to collapse, and the Qing Monarchy is struggling to defend against the warlords. Many countries are beginning to pay off their crazy debt. Communism becomes the new major ideology, but there is still room for fascist regimes across the world. Worst of all the world is expecting a second world war, where the Communists wreak havoc against the Fascists. Will this war ravage the Earth and k
  6. Oh wait, did you put the scenario in earth+ plus or just earth
  7. Weird. I have no clue why it is doing this. What download link did you use, the 0.1 download link 0.2, 0.3, or 0.3.5
  8. kokakolabrooooo if you ever need help you can ask me.
  9. -Do not swear -Do not trash talk -Do not judge other people's work -NO racism -No accusing somebody of something they didn't do -Don't post in the rules section -Don't talk about other games If you do not follow these rules you will be kicked out from the group.
  10. I installed this a few days ago, and I want to get leaders back into the game. I dont know what the line of code is to add the leaders, maybe Reich does, he seems like a pretty good mod creator. Can anyone please help. Я установил это несколько дней назад и хочу вернуть лидеров в игру. Я не знаю, что такое строка кода, чтобы добавить лидеров, может быть, Рейх делает, он кажется довольно хорошим создателем модов. Может кто-нибудь, пожалуйста, помогите.
  11. The Scenario May Be Complete on Update 0.5. From then on I will probably post bug updates and once in a while add an event or two, but it will be generally finished.
  12. That looks like a really good scenario. Keep up the good work and add a few events.
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