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    yes but it's aoc2 I'm not surprised
    I managed to take a screenshot

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    welcome to my world war i alternate history project world war
    the scenario will be done in addon + due to the great variety of languages it has (and because I don't know how to program xD)
    Lore: Germany has won the First World War, however the victory lasts only a couple of weeks: even with logistical support for the whites, the Bolsheviks manage to win the war, the French puppet government that established Germany collapses soon after, the German Africa cannot control such an extensive territory and as if that were not enough in Piedmont the UPSI (Union of Italian Socialist Parties) wins
    And so the stage begins with a Germany trying to control its territory and a world that is slowly leaning towards communism and nationalism
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    Cool.  The tech tree looks interesting.  Do you think at one point you will do the whole Earth?
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