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  1. Hello friend are you going to add new stuff? Haven't seen you in a long time
  2. Extract a-p-k, change the files inside
  3. You can change days per turn in a text file called Age
  4. Finally! Will mobile players get this update?
  5. Thanks for all the work you've done! I wish you great time in the army
  6. Hi how's the mod, haven't heard anything from you in a while
  7. It seems quite good tbh, espacially with the events to add flavour
  8. Wow you've add so many leaders… that's impressive!
  9. When's 772 with event coming? I am looking forward to it!
  10. So, you back? This is my favourite mod of aoc 2 for sure
  11. U can make a post with all mods, so that easier to find
  12. Wow awesome
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