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  1. You should create a special kind of republic to differentiate Italian merchant republics from modern republic, and maybe add Monastic Feudal for Tibetan kingdoms?
  2. Wow the detail level is insane! There are so many formable nations available, it has given me so much goal when playing(eg. Reform Western Roman Empire with Papal States)
  3. The events are very good! What's your idea on next scenario? Viking Age?
  4. Hi, how's the development of the mod going?
  5. It's a cool idea, however it will be kinda hard to think of the buffs given by dynasties I think( as all dynasties have good kings and tyrants)
  6. 1054 can be modified to play 1066, while 867 is not decisive years of the viking age really, great heathen army begins in 865 ( a better choice), as for the 769, I think we are too far from that aren't we?(between 962 and 769 there are many interesting years for scenarios)
  7. The game isn't ck2, we don't have to follow every bookmark of it
  8. Hello, in the 1054 scenario, it seems that Seljuk Empire will not invade Byzantine and Azerbijian for unknown reasons, any chance that there is an event bug? P.S.: Great scenarios!
  9. Istria

    553 BCE map

    Can you provide source? Couldn't find anything about this Sindo-Maotic tribe anywhere, pretty sure Adyghes only date back to 2-4 century ad, before they are only referred to as Caucasians
  10. Ooo 962, will there be HRE events???
  11. What nonsense is it, west francia last from 840-967
  12. It seems that Seljuk Empire will declare war to Oman after destroying Buyid, why is that? Is it intended?
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