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  1. Istria

    Great Peace - What if WW1 Never Happened Update v1

    Seems quite cool, looking forward to future updates
  2. Istria

    About android mods

    Just share the files, most android players on the forum know how to edit the a p k files
  3. Istria

    Medieval age Scenarios

    Hi, I believe that events in your previous scenarios (Before 1180 update) like 1402 and 1206 have auto-corrupted, as creating new custom civs will ruin events for unknown reason, you should go ahead and check them
  4. Istria

    Age of Revolution

    Glad to hear that!
  5. Istria

    Feudalism etc etc

    I dont think it's possible even with current mod editor, also the game will just be ck2 with such mod
  6. Istria

    Medieval age Scenarios

    Hello, in the Kamakura Period event there is a bug where facist Minamoto annexed the monarchy Kamakura, is it a bug or intended? I don't know much about Japanese history PS There's a bug in events I believe
  7. Istria

    Death of a Nation

    Nah, the custom civ will have names like 1544988456qsdingv if there are no files
  8. Istria

    Secret Project Revealed

    Shrek universe?
  9. Istria

    AOC1 Map. WW1,WW2,Cold War Scenarios

    Events included?
  10. Istria

    Warcraft: Draenor, the Savage World

    NICE!! Events included?
  11. Istria

    Medieval age Scenarios

    Really cool! I love your scenarios, they are so realistic, hope that you will add events(but even without them the scenarios are already good enough!)
  12. Istria

    From the Ashes

    Well done please add more event!!!
  13. Bundle.properties Sorry for late reply, lately I've been modding
  14. Istria

    Dark Ages - Rise of Islam ( HIATUS )

    Is the mod continuing?