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  1. Thanks for all the work you've done! I wish you great time in the army
  2. Hi how's the mod, haven't heard anything from you in a while
  3. It seems quite good tbh, espacially with the events to add flavour
  4. Wow you've add so many leaders… that's impressive!
  5. When's 772 with event coming? I am looking forward to it!
  6. So, you back? This is my favourite mod of aoc 2 for sure
  7. Istria

    From the Ashes

    U can make a post with all mods, so that easier to find
  8. Wow awesome
  9. More events more choices maybe, and combine yr mods together
  10. Istria

    Stone age

    Judging from the file size it seems to be a scenario instead of a mod
  11. It will, https://m.vk.com/addon_plus?from=groups auto translate the site and scroll down to find the --- of newest version
  12. Just go to the VK site and use auto translate...
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