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  1. oh it happens to me too sometimes you have to just keep on going and opening like once i changed some provinces '' Connections '' and the game keeped on crashing i just reopened it sometimes and it worked there is also a possibility that you somehow did something wrong
  2. oh wow this will help me thanks for making this i have made lots of error on some maps and had big trouble trying to search for their code!
  3. hey man im doing a project to get a giant map of every country of south america im done with uruguay and in some days i will be done with an argentinian map i have already started on a chilean map maybe i could do venezuela next
  4. mateyro999

    Uruguay map

    ( some civs are custom made )
  5. mateyro999

    Uruguay map

    it requires addon+ civilizations
  6. mateyro999

    Uruguay map

    This project adds: Scenarios like: The Cisplatine war: The Modern world: Uruguay Divided: Uruguay Divided ( 1830 ): The Revolution of the Lances: Formable Civilizations: And More! Note: You Need Addon+! Note 2: Just a little project made in some days, welp hope ya like it Download: civilizations_editor.rarUruguay.rar ( Instructions: Extract both files, then first find your age of civilizations 2 carpet, open maps then place uruguay there Then open Age of civ
  7. Yeah it was on black and white ill make the water blue via photoshop thanks!
  8. So... i have made the same thing cutted the image in half with the same with every single button the same form you did it and the map is invisible, not the provinces the background
  9. To Buy a province if the ai has core give up so fresh terriotry recently aquired without cores can be puchased for 500k but if you want to sell you have to make it F R E E alright?
  10. i feel like im not gonna get help
  11. Update: its not only this map i have created a new map and it doesnt work too... help
  12. so here is the thing i was doing a map right i was at 85 provinces aprox. then i do some more and for some reason its crashing when i load the map it didnt happen before. and also its not the new provinces i literally deleted them and the map is not working im gonna leave the map and the background. Thanks. uruguay.rar
  13. Just found what it is, if you are using notepad++ it is totally that just use normal notepad
  14. I followed step by step the tutorial but the map doesnt appear when i open the game does someone have the same problem or has fixed it im trying to make a map for every south american country but a giant map i decided i would start on uruguay. here is the background and some other things like the config or the provinces Age_of_Civilizations.json config.json 5 6 7 8 9 10 0 1 2 3 4
  15. can ya add sealand as a island ( as a meme ) but anyways if you want do it i would think it should be in as island are being added xd
  16. make a puppet nation for chad in part of australia it will be called the chadest chad
  17. uruguay takes over brazil paraguay takes over argentina and chile owns the rest of south america
  18. Hello yes we are all waiting for project erika you are not commenting and as i see u are still active so could you update us with some information is the project dead?

  19. ok 1st what the hell happened to uruguay hes just annexed by brazil by no reason if that happened it would be because the brazilian empire is back but its not and tf happened to peru chile is just stronger than peru it would be a reverse card
  20. bro thats not even age of civilizations 2 nor a game created by lukaz
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