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  1. In 1894 the first war between Japan and the Qing Dinasty (China) has started to show who's the most powerful country in Asia
  2. Creo que vos lo haces desde PC, no se si sera el mismo procedimiento desde el celular/telefono movil, fijate eso
  3. Así es, verás, la idea era hacer que casi toda sudamerica esté en guerra civil por el domimio político de la región
  4. MatiEmpire


    Ni sabia que habia clubs...
  5. One cuestion, how did you uploaded the flags? (¿Hablas castellano de casualidad? Si es asi, yo tambien 😛 )
  6. It can be a nice idea! But then I'll should have to unify in the same alliance Chile, Argentina and my empire, and if you see, at the start of the game Argentina is already at war against Brazilian Empire and my Empire (The idea of Argentina is at civil war) Argentina is allied of all ex-Brazilian states and Peru as a coalition against the Empires
  7. After some time in 2023 South America will be in Chaos afyer revolutions and wars headed by a new Empire and the back of the Brazilian Empire
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