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  1. Love the map style, but music doesn't seem to work on Android? 🤔 (It works on Roma Invicta for some reason)
  2. How much space do you have left? If you have enough space, try restarting your phone.
  3. There's a map scale option in map view. Pretty neat actually.
  4. Fantastic mod! I love that events aren't laggy at all on mobile and the strive for historical accuracy despite the game's limitations *chefs kiss* Also this is the only mod that has a working music for me for some reason. I did encounter the 49% bug though, but it was fixed after a few restart of the game (and make sure to select Game > Map > Roma > 5X, if the error occurs 😉.
  5. It's safe. You can scan it with Google Play Protect or Windows Defender if you like.
  6. ok lukasz. (jk, thanks and we love all your mods 😘) On another note, does anyone know how to enable the music in this game?
  7. Anyone knows how to make the music work on Android? It only plays when connected to a bluetooth device 🤔
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