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  1. Can we have more music please? Like soundtrack from Paradox games?
  2. Lower your Goods until it turns red, then wait a few turns. I don't recommend it though since there will be rebels popping up constantly and peace deal after a civil war often results in border gore.
  3. What is this? Does it have non-Europe maps as well?
  4. It looks like increasing the minimum attack requirement from 100 reduces border gore
  5. Is it possible to add more mp3 music in the a p k file? I have a playlist of all Paradox music from deemix.
  6. Ok last one, does anyone find the camera panning and moving around everytime you're invading/being invaded annoying?
  7. Anyone knows if it's possible to, while you are in an alliance, make the separate peace treaties offered by the enemy when you are defeated but your allies are not, customizable? This would be ideal so that your allies will continue the war even if you are defeated and vice versa.
  8. Also when releasing a defeated country (e.g. Communist Bulgaria), is it possible for the original Constitutional Monarchy version of Bulgaria to be a minority group within communist Bulgaria (with monarchists being the majority in some of the provinces outside of the communists' capital)? This is sort of similar to the original mechanic in the base game of AoC2.
  9. Not sure if it's possible but I think countries with democratic ideologies should restore or change the ideology of the country they've invaded to a democracy, while dictatorships could puppet or (partly) annex countries they've defeated. But this might require adding more ideologies though to suit different scenarios.
  10. Any chance we could get more scenarios?
  11. Hmm.. I've tried that but even custom countries are not responding to the rebels. Maybe the scenario is broken?
  12. Great to hear the music again! XD But does anyone else experience the AI not recruiting any army at all? I'm playing the Partition of the Roman Empire scenario. 🤔
  13. Thanks, but it's a pain when you have countless armies though. I think putting an army on a vassal/ally also saves them from being deleted (not sure).
  14. Is it possible for armies to not be deleted when switching countries using the Editor trick? 🤔
  15. Found a bug - countries will sometimes form an alliance with rebels, causing an unending war (they will not accept peace treaty).
  16. Love the new update, but I think you forgot to add the music files (Android). They're not listed in Audio settings.
  17. That would be a perfect tool for building watch towers/ports as well. Not sure how feasible it is, though.
  18. I love the return of the harder rebellions but some issues: • There is no music in v1.2. Pressing forward button shows no music name. It was working fine before. • I don't get why we need an ally/vassal to justify against countries. Also it can be circumvented by sending ultimatum/trade. • When there's too many rebels, some tend to glitch out repeatedly Just some suggestions: • It would be nice if the winning side annexes the entire enemy after a civil war instead of peacing out resulting in weird border gore/allies and vassals taking land that should be for the winn
  19. I kind of missed the old rebel system where they could take over unstable countries more easily. It makes the game more unpredictable/fun. Maybe as compromise we could have more frequent civil wars that could take over the entire country instead? (e.g. when a country loses a war, low happiness/economy, etc) Also, does the AI justify on the entire country or only specific provinces to prevent excessive border gore?
  20. Will there be a capitulation mechanic similar to Bloody Europe?
  21. Love the capitulation mechanic, but music doesn't work on Android?
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