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  1. Hello temps scenario is finish 1592151453631ipstphba.rar
  2. the scenario is finish 1592151453631ipstphba.rar
  3. hello 1917 is in préparation
  4. ok you can give you name and i pass the map in better quality
  5. thank you man i try and my game bug do you have discord
  6. hello i have idea of map this map :
  7. deniz2009

    idea of map

    who can fusion aoc1 europe asia africa and america map in one map ? you can downlaod aoc1 europe , asia, africa and america in --- in android pardon for my bad english i from france
  8. you can join my discordchanel https://discord.gg/eC39rc
  9. hey guys i have discord group for idea aoc2 scenario https://discord.gg/twB8uzH give your idea and i create excuse me for my bad english i from france
  10. is age of civilisation 2 with map aoc1
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