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  1. i can help for precolombian scenario if you want
  2. when it will finnish i will create new topic
  3. isnt dead just is in discord and you need to come for know what happends now i do that beacause for send lot of image
  4. All things now will pas here https://discord.gg/hwvwzMZ8 @Apple so I say I prepare but ideas not the mod because Im not at home
  5. deniz2009

    Small Europe Map

    Have you discord? If yes I can help you
  6. And less province is beta map fo aoh2 no? Because I see the map in Facebook of lukasz in 2016 or 2017 post
  7. I can give idea for scenario need created 330 batlle of andrinople 452 The Battle of the Catalaunian Plains 395 separation of roman empire 552 creation of göktürk Khanate 601 war byzantium-sassanid 632 or 634 dead of Muhammad 711 invasion of Iberia by the Umayyad 1710 idk 1756 the seven years war 1789 french revolution 1812 Napoleon at max 1839 opium war 1853 Crimean war 1870 Franco Prussian war 1912 1st Balkan war
  8. Me I want the mod But I want ivr17 feel good ans not HARASSED BY GUYS WANT TROLL IS NOT FUNNY LET IVR17 RELAX
  9. And if your want i have discord i can help Redeniz#2178
  10. Add qom in event but remove of start scenario
  11. ok the mod was dead but it relaunch we add new civs
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