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  1. 381 province done (is not me just @setapdede do it thanks to him)
  2. i inspected the problem and he is in live im sure because i have an picture
  3. @cyka blyat mapper your dream is here
  4. me i work on it with (i think) 1000-1400 province earth
  5. is new map or just you do scenario for africa ?
  6. @ivr17 i can help you for scenario of less province and i have idea for an new
  7. So add editor of scenario and of civs second add all continental Map More scenario on base And thé forth idea create forma le civs
  8. First create scénario and civ editor
  9. This map i really want to have in the Game http://lukaszjakowski.pl/img/age_of_civilizations_2_map.png
  10. deniz2009

    help me

    i want create aoc1+ and how i can have all province of aoc1 map (in aoc2) in the map editor
  11. hey good look part of my scenario you did after me
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