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  1. this scenario really hurt to create 1593212523900iisndhee 1593212523900iisndhee_A 1593212523900iisndhee_C 1593212523900iisndhee_D 1593212523900iisndhee_HRE 1593212523900iisndhee_INFO.json 1593212523900iisndhee_PD 1593212523900iisndhee_W 1593212523900iisndhee_E
  2. oh i see, i will update it now
  3. a mod adds something to the game. so this is a mod
  4. oh god what happened to italy, find out on the scenario! 1592439538271kybubtpi 1592439538271kybubtpi_A 1592439538271kybubtpi_C 1592439538271kybubtpi_D 1592439538271kybubtpi_HRE 1592439538271kybubtpi_INFO.json 1592439538271kybubtpi_PD 1592439538271kybubtpi_W 1592439538271kybubtpi_E
  5. giorninho2


    how to change files? i'm new here so i don't know how to change them
  6. giorninho2


    this is a mod i updated 1584820353891uhbreaop 1584820353891uhbreaop_A 1584820353891uhbreaop_C 1584820353891uhbreaop_D 1584820353891uhbreaop_HRE 1584820353891uhbreaop_INFO.json 1584820353891uhbreaop_PD 1584820353891uhbreaop_W 1584820353891uhbreaop_E
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