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  1. Dude you're really awesome! Appreciate your effort. This map would be a great update for the main game.
  2. This mod is just awesome! Keep doing man you are great!
  3. Its possible Steps: 1)Choose your state. 2)Release vassal (as you play with him). 3)Open the console Click on your flag Click on "Type a message" Write there "Hi" 4)Write the command "addplayer" when you have the state selected(like when you click on it to see some info about him) 5)Finish Thats all Hope it was helpfull Good day 😁
  4. This mod looks really awesome keep going with it.😁
  5. Germany become a Democracy and join Entente after that European Union is created more early. Austrian Empire had a civil war which ends with dissolve of the empire.(On map appear new countries by the Ethnic map of the Empire). Russian revolution existed and now Soviet Union and Japanese Empire are the main enemies for democratic world. The world war 2 begin , but this time is not in Europe but in China, U.R.S.S and Japan attacked the China and share it. After China they start military operations in India because of his weak stability India cannot resist and been conquered. Here The Entente with his new member USA starts military operations in India which ends with conqueror of it again and advancement to the Moscow and Tokyo . The war is end with a threat peace where U.R.S.S lost all most every country from the Union and some territory from him self (Like a big part of Caucasus and a part of Siberia) and Japan with lose of Korea and other territories from China and Pacific Ocean and become a vassal of USA. Thanks for reading! Have a good day.😁
  6. Please keep the project alive or at least give us the map so as she is at now please.
  7. SO the game is still ALIVE?🙃
  8. You can suck the d..k 

  9. Game is realesed dude. https://store.steampowered.com/app/603850/Age_of_Civilizations_II/
  10. Hey Lukas , the vassals now are really boring you can`t do anything with them just ask him for money and that`s all. Here I have some suggestions for them: The ability to assimilate his population. Once the population of the vassals provinces is in minority you can make a referendum and the provinces join to you. The ability to ask from vassals some army.(like 0.5% of his population per round). When we are into a war every province conquered by my vassals to give me points not to him. The ability to change type of his government. Thank you for reading.
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