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  1. No other files needed, and I'm sure you know what the rest of the world looks like. modernworldyugoslav.rar
  2. It's not finished though, I will finish the it by tonight hopefully
  3. This is the seven years war. It isn't the whole world but it includes the major players and their neighbors. Put the info needed rar into your game folder. I don't have an android version, sorry not sorry. 1594665375797xgkleqws.rar Info Needed.rar
  4. I've set up the game but I'll finish the events tomorrow
  5. I'm not working on the whole world but I will work on 2 scenarios, a North American Scenario, and a European Scenario
  6. Sorry about the cropping I don't know why OBS does that, but you still see what happens right. 2020-07-13 11-54-09.mkv
  7. Nope just restarted it and it stopped working
  8. Every time I go to the create scenario tab it just goes back to the menu. I even re installed the game. PLS send help.
  9. Just comment a year or event and I'll create it.
  10. Whenever I denied a call to arms by my allies, then I declare war on the country they wanted me to declare war on, if I press their icon to join the war they declare war on me.
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