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  1. The HRE and feudal Japan aren't very accurate due to not having a very good resource for them, but otherwise everything is accurate. Note: The native Americans are only the tribes with defined borders. 1602268143372ydrlqjho.rar
  2. Im planning on making a 1518 scenario but I can't find a proper map of the HRE. HELP
  3. Adds the rest of the world to the American civil war scenario. Note: It removes your original American Civil War and replaces it. americancivilwar.rar
  4. I hope its accurate, and if you can spread the link around the forum, please, thank you, and your welcome.
  5. Add this to the scenario folder and have it fuse to the original Napoleonic Wars file. This is the most accurate map I could make, edit it to your hearts content, repost even. Also my screenshot app doesn't work for some reason. 1543351142303fendpqhv.rar
  6. Holy crap, thank you. That website is gonna help me make many scenarios, thank you, really, I'm so happy.
  7. I'm trying to expand the Napoleonic wars map but for some reason I cant find a good map of India circa 1792. Does anyone know where I can find one?
  8. This is a modern map with the Holy Roman Empire. Do whatever you please with it. 1597584119690psztbuea.rar
  9. I will once I finish the events which will be sometime tomorrow
  10. I have made a proper WW1 map, repost as you please 1601819760031kqjrsbmd.rar
  11. No other files needed, and I'm sure you know what the rest of the world looks like. modernworldyugoslav.rar
  12. It's not finished though, I will finish the it by tonight hopefully
  13. This is the seven years war. It isn't the whole world but it includes the major players and their neighbors. Put the info needed rar into your game folder. I don't have an android version, sorry not sorry. 1594665375797xgkleqws.rar Info Needed.rar
  14. I'm not working on the whole world but I will work on 2 scenarios, a North American Scenario, and a European Scenario
  15. Sorry about the cropping I don't know why OBS does that, but you still see what happens right. 2020-07-13 11-54-09.mkv
  16. Every time I go to the create scenario tab it just goes back to the menu. I even re installed the game. PLS send help.
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