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  1. This is the seven years war with a focus on the Americas. This is my vague idea of how the map would be, and I will add the events soon. 1594665375797xgkleqws.rar
  2. I'm not working on the whole world but I will work on 2 scenarios, a North American Scenario, and a European Scenario
  3. Sorry about the cropping I don't know why OBS does that, but you still see what happens right. 2020-07-13 11-54-09.mkv
  4. Every time I go to the create scenario tab it just goes back to the menu. I even re installed the game. PLS send help.
  5. Whenever I denied a call to arms by my allies, then I declare war on the country they wanted me to declare war on, if I press their icon to join the war they declare war on me.
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