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  1. Hello and welcome! I've made a discord server for the game in general and not just for scenarios and mods (although you may talk about them here.) Link: https://discord.gg/dzGNw4Q
  2. Also forgot to mention I tried deleting everything (I backed up dw) and did a fresh reinstall of the game, but it still occurred. Also, I don't have enough points to vassalize them even if I didn't take anything else.
  3. Okay, so I've been playing this game for quite a while, and I'm playing as the Czech Republic in the Modern Day scenario. I declared war on Slovakia and took all the provinces (I was trying to make Czechoslovakia) and invaded Ukraine until I got 4 provinces from them. So when I was doing the peace treaty with Ukraine, I was able to take all 4 provinces I had control of (but only took the 2 I needed I'm not a monster :P). As soon as I was done with it, I tried doing one with Slovakia, but despite having control of ALL their provinces, I couldn't take all of Slovakia. I had then taken all the pr
  4. I've got two ideas for colonization: Named colonies. Instead of making an area called the country's name on it, make it relate to the region it colonizes. (Ex: Spain colonizes Sicily, 'Spanish Sicily') Make the AI vassalize their colonies. Most games I have that include colonization are not so interesting because it's just the countries that start off. It would be nicer if the AI vassalized their colonies, so there would be more nations. It could also make the game more interesting by having the colonies declare themselves independent, which would start a war of independence. A
  5. So I'm creating a mod, which relies heavily on events. So I need to create this one event, which is supposed to be seen by every player, but there's no way I know of in which I can show an event to every player nation. Is there a way to do this?
  6. oh. i guess its no longer the first shitpost scenario. this is so sad
  7. here you go: Modern World Victorian Era
  8. ever thought to yourself, "wow chile controls a big coastline"? well this is the mod for you aoc2's (probably) first shitpost scenario: grand chile chile controls each and every coastline (including rivers) enjoy. download here
  9. It would be nice if a demilitarization mechanic would be added to the game. A few possible options for demilitarization would be: National Demilitarization: In a specified province, only a certain/specified country is not allowed to put troops on it. (Ex: Demilitarization of the Rhineland) International Demilitarization: In a specified province, no country is allowed to put troops on it (Ex: Antarctic Treaty prohibits any nation from colonizing it, so preventing troops entering would prevent it from being colonized) Partial Demilitarization: In a specified province, a specifi
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