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  1. I found a solution! you need to install Project Alpha 1.5 and World+, you need to do the same process that is in the video and its done! no more crashes 🙂
  2. me too, i did all the process right and i opened world+ and it runs but when i close and run the game again it crashes instantly all the time pls fix this because it can destroy the mod completely
  3. PrussiaBoi

    More Provinces

    Of course we will let you have a break your doing an amazing work 🙂
  4. i don't know maybe you put the scenario in the wrong place
  5. thanks! i worked too hard for this
  6. Hello! Here i will put the scenario of the Eighty Years War and write to me if you have any problem or the scenario isn't correct 🙂 1593367307158ffouwozt.rar
  7. Hey i want to say if you can do a scenario for the Eighty Years War, maybe its too late but i want more scenarios in 1500s to 1700s because there is not to much scenarios to play in that years but if you cant do that its ok you are doing an amazing job 😀
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