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  1. 1814 scenario with the Latin American War of Independence scenario finished! New ideologies: No new ideologies Still doesnt let me to put screenshots πŸ˜…
  2. i dont know how to pick but i think only lukasz and moderators can πŸ˜…
  3. I just noticed that this was created in 2019 and the guy that is doing this last visited in the end of 2019 lol
  4. i recommend you to create a civilization for the Duchy of Saxony but it looks great! πŸ˜„
  5. Is the estimated date of release of the completed mod but there will be more actualizations dont worry πŸ˜„
  6. Napoleonic Wars (1800 World Map) scenario finished! New ideologies: Electorate and Caliphate - America is still colonized! Still doesnt let me to put screenshots πŸ˜…
  7. PrussiaBoi

    More Provinces

    I dont know Hetman isnt very active but he promised to release the mod
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