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  1. I didn't enter this forum since ages, it hasn't changed that much tbh

  3. One guy gave me 4 dislikes XD

  4. He doesnt connect to Discord, neither here, What happened to him?
  5. Have patience, he is working hard
  6. So i realized making a background would gonna take me more than one year so i downloaded one from the Internet! (But i need to draw Oceania)
  7. Im back! (For a while)

  8. Things we're going to do for Project Finale in Order! 1. Background 2. Provinces 3. Connectios between Provinces ando other things 4. Scenarios and Ideologies 5. Finale! This will take some months to complete, work for the Background has begun today!
  9. Hey! Welcome to Project Finale! In this mod there will be a new background, new ideologies, new scenarios, new provinces and the Antarctica! This mod is in development and from time to time i will release betas until the project is finished! When a beta is released you can give me feedback to see if there is something wrong or incorrect! A release date isn't planned, there will be a lot of months of development but eventually it will be released! Thank you and see you next time! ✌️ Things finalized: Background - 01-26-2021
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