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Status Updates posted by PrussiaBoi

  1. I didn't enter this forum since ages, it hasn't changed that much tbh

  2. One guy gave me 4 dislikes XD

  3. Im back! (For a while)

  4. Hi Lukasz! Can you do something about the Google bots if you can i would be very happy! 😄

    1. DespotMilan


      Sry bro i think those aint bots......

    2. CassalettIV


      I think it's google ad service, sometimes it displays ads

  5. antzz im very sorry for participating in the fight between Kerems and Reich but please forgive me i understand that is dificult to forgive of what i have done but please if you can i would be pretty happy 😄

    1. kokakolabrooooo


      lmao dude idrc

      kerem was rly nice guy when he wasnt a popular modder 

      but doe,everyone has his opinion

  6. other multiaccount F

  7. you should stop the only thing you are close too is to get banned

  8. the fuck is this?

  9. Hello Suzema! Will you continue Bloody Europe 2? If you cant answer its ok maybe your tired of doing amazing mods! Bye 🙂

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