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  1. 19 hours ago, aocSP said:

    Hi, sorry for the pause, I'll make another topic, i had a problem with my PC, so I've lost all the mod, i'll make it again, I'm connected again, I didn't thinked that this will become too big, thanks for all


  2. 5 hours ago, davidtjk said:

    do you want help bro with scenarios?

    i can do this scenarios if you want 

    Modern World+ ( with leaders and formable civilizations + relations )

    Cold war ( more vassals or more countries )

    World War II+ ( 1936 )

    World War I ( with all colonies vassals is will be more playable probably )

    Victoria Era 

    Fall of Costantinople

    Born of Ottoman 

    First Common Era 




    I dont need help thanks! 

  3. On 11/8/2020 at 2:30 AM, Animond said:

    Make the Antarctica As Huge as This (Picture) and also Separate it like West antarctica (Graham land, Palmer land, Ellsworth land, Benner Island and Marie byrd land) and East Antarctica (Queen Elizabeth land, Victoria land, Qates land, George V land, Terre adelie, Wilkes land, Queen mary land, Wilhelm II land, Princess Elizabeth land, Macrobertson land, Kemp land, Enderby land, Coats land and Dronning maud land). And off course don't forget about it's Signature! The Transantarctic Mountains!  That's all my sugestion, Good luck mate!




  4. Hey! Welcome to Project Finale! In this mod there will be a new background, new ideologies, new scenarios, new provinces and the Antarctica!

    This mod is in development and from time to time i will release betas until the project is finished! When a beta is released you can give me feedback to see if there is something wrong or incorrect!

    A release date isn't planned, there will be a lot of months of development but eventually it will be released!

    Thank you and see you next time! ✌️

    Things finalized:

    Background - 01-26-2021

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