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  1. Its incredible! I support this!
  2. Sip, tienes razón (Aunque estoy un poco inactivo xd)
  3. Can you do a province like this in Germany? It would fix the border between Brandenburg and Magdeburg in 1440
  4. You can download a screen recorder like OBS Studio, you open AoC2 and in OBS Studio you create a Game Capture and you choose ¨Capture specific window¨ and in Window you choose Age of Civilizations II, it shall be visible in screen so you open Snipping Tool and you select the screen in OBS Studio and you choose save and finished! Is the strangest tutorial you may have seen but thats how i take screenshots ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. This can be to! Brandenburg → Brandenburg-Prussia ← Duchy of Prussia 🡣 Prussia 🡣 North German Confederation 🡣 German Empire 🡩 West Germany → Germany ← East Germany
  6. Yeah its an extension and i like it 😉
  7. you could give Chile the Patagonia they were kind of friends with the German Empire 😅
  8. cuanto tiempo queda para que el mod salga?
  9. i dont know how to pick but i think only lukasz and moderators can 😅
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