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  1. Hello! I was entering the Map editor but i when i enter when i try to get closer to the map to do the provinces better i dont know how to do it so if you can answer me please ANSWER and i know that this question is a bit stupid but i really need help with this 😅
  2. there are no events maybe you can do some i dont know how 😅
  3. the name of the river i dont know but its in the border between Congo and RD Congo
  4. The scenarios are good but you should upload the new civilizations and put tribes in some places because the scenarios look empty but the scenarios are good 🙂
  5. Hello! Here i will put the scenario of World War I and if you want to see how i did it i will put the video of my youtube channel and for you to understand i put english subtitles (because im spanish) and remember to suscribe put a like and comment and well the scenario is down below, Video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5y-MIkwQuY&t 1594680546008vumxlghw.rar
  6. Hello Suzema! Will you continue Bloody Europe 2? If you cant answer its ok maybe your tired of doing amazing mods! Bye 🙂

  7. Thank you so much! antzz you are the best 🙂
  8. Hmm... Veo un potencial increible! Sigue con el buen trabajo! 🙂
  9. PrussiaBoi

    Im dumb..

    I dont know 😞
  10. Hello! I hope you all doing well and in a period of 3 days i created a scenario of the year 1500. So the download will be here and if you find a error remember to write to me to fix the error. Bye! 🙂 1594500085188rbotwptn.rar NewCivs.rar
  11. The mod is good but there are some mistakes: in the 1700 scenario is Prussia but Prussia was formed in 1701, the Duchy of Pomerania wasn't all of Prussia the northern parts where Swedish and in the 2000 scenario South Sudan wasn't independent and it was part of Sudan thats all the mistakes i saw and this mod will be amazing! 🙂
  12. Kaliningrad General is a good youtuber 😍 I watch his videos a lot
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