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  1. Also, where are Guernsey and Jersey?
  2. I'm excited too, my random person on the internet
  3. But... How we should mod this game? We change what we can, Maps, Scenarios, Ideologies etc. It's already a mod if it adds new features, no matter if it only changes how map looks or it adds 2 GB of new content. It adds something new, scenarios that aren't in game, more provinces etc. So stop ranting and do a proper mod yourself.
  4. Mod is frozen Edit: So... Now it's have another development team
  5. I just noticed that there is an error scenario in german Empire map So do anyone else have it or is it just mine Phone?
  6. Soooo when will you end the cities on map or feudall Madness scenario?
  7. Not to Press you but do you know in which month you can do it?
  8. Will you end map in feudal Madness?
  9. That crazy son of a bitch made it
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