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  1. Hello there! I have not worked on a project in this game for about a YEAR already. It would be appreciated if you would give ideas for what map I should make. Thanks in advance
  2. Gonna experiment out with this program. Thanks for your hard work!
  3. France annexes Spain, Italy, and The Benelux for no apparent reason.
  4. UPDATE: Please note that this post was over a YEAR ago and I discontinued this map scenario long before. I might work on this again soon. Sorry.
  5. hi forret pls message me


  6. The Korean spam bots have landed on our forums again. Defend our forum, Łukasz!
  7. This is best aoc2 discord of all time! See, we can get together in a place with lots of bots, even our own bot! This is under development, so you can help us! Join now! Click to join!<<<<-------------- Good day!
  8. Hello davidtjk go to discord

  9. lol all the humans united and made civilization Humans. This map is addon mod... i cant play it🤮
  10. bruh you should do the 4269 provinces
  11. change to sea
  12. @Aoc2 Amigalandescobe sure provinces do not overlap.
  13. lol aoc2 is my only game. WE ARE AOC2 PEOPLE WHO DONT CARE HOI4 EU4 AND ALL OTHERS!
  14. hi lukasz😄

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      Hello mr. Jakowski how are you?

  15. you alive?


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      can you message evryone who did not sign the petition to sign the petition?


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      send them a messageto sign

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