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  1. If there was an New option in one more turn that we can Play as Bunt If this will be added in one more turn please then if we accept new option: Play as bunt then there will be chance to create bunt and help selfs get country back to Play again as country. This chance is = Stability Yes? No?
  2. Hello Is bunt will be playable and it can Wars too,bring countries and players like all I mean if we loss the all provinces and when stability is very small or somebody will boost rebels it can be possible to Play as rebel to bring up lossed country,player or even self? If yes then Thanks for listening
  3. Rebels can too get more than enough provinces that makes all country That means if u lose and rebels bring you back u will also get extra provinces from rebels
  4. U only need from 3 to inf playera or good bots to do that. 1. One country must attack or trade 2nd player all his provinces. 2. If u get on screen of faul there option one more turn please then u can observate like u are in spectator but in your country control 3. If somebody in war boosts the rebels like 2nd player than if this rebel apear then if rebel wins then the rebels change to country like 2nd player and that's how the 2nd player can return Like this experiment?
  5. Im playing on App Aoc 2 But in data/Files theres nothing saying Map
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