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  1. Where to get relief maps? What is the best way to fit them to AOC2 original map?
  2. Can't tell exact date, but I can say that global update for @Shiite's PTR AOC2 mod will be released within this week

  3. Glad to announce that I'm working on Global Update for @Shiite's PTR AOC2 mod (included in post about SPQR mod), with his allowance of course. I'm myself quite old member of PTR, so I know what I'm doing. List of planned changes:

     HRE remade into Staff 
    Separate scenario with ethnicities allied
    More events 
    Symbols and colors for new ideologies

    More members (nations, leaders)

    Making installation easier
    Adding files for reverting everything (in case you want to play normal AOC2) 

    What is currently completed:

    Staff Members system (as HRE)

    Installation process was made simpler

    Files for uninstalling mod were added

    Symbols and colors for new ideologies

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