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  1. So, I have this glitch where I try to load a save, and it starts loading, but then it moves back to the main menu without loading in the save, then if I try to enter any save at all it just breaks the diplomacy menu, I don't know how to make this glitch happen but I'm using the Addon+ mod if it helps. Honestly its very annoying, it just happens randomly and basically makes the game unplayable with no way to know when it will happen (or at least not that I know of), any help on this or maybe even others that get this same glitch could help
  2. To give some context for why I'm asking this question, first of all I have seen that when you play as Austria, and you form an union with Hungary (modern day is the start date in which I did this) you can form Austria Hungary before you form the Austrian Empire, making you basically skip that, but the question I have is that since England and Scotland united via a personal union I believe, I thought that it would work like with austria and hungary and would let you form the United Kingdom or something like that, I just haven't been able to make an union, I vassalized scotland and have an allia
  3. It has happened to me before too! I really want to know how to fix it as well, I'm on a UK game and at some point in the game, I just couldn't raise or lower my relationship with countries either, it has become very annoying, I did try 1 thing though. I would just declare war on the country and make peace right after that, being as big as I am now in the game, countries accept right away, and then I'm able to raise and lower my relation with that nation, but it seems that after a while that also stops working, so its a temporary solution that cant really be used for much.
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