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  1. To give some context for why I'm asking this question, first of all I have seen that when you play as Austria, and you form an union with Hungary (modern day is the start date in which I did this) you can form Austria Hungary before you form the Austrian Empire, making you basically skip that, but the question I have is that since England and Scotland united via a personal union I believe, I thought that it would work like with austria and hungary and would let you form the United Kingdom or something like that, I just haven't been able to make an union, I vassalized scotland and have an alliance with them as well, everything I have ever tried that somehow raised the odds of making an union and scotland still denies it, I just need to know if what I think actually happens or I'm just trying really hard to achieve something that doesn't exist. Thanks and sorry if my english is not very good but I'm not a native english speaker.
  2. It has happened to me before too! I really want to know how to fix it as well, I'm on a UK game and at some point in the game, I just couldn't raise or lower my relationship with countries either, it has become very annoying, I did try 1 thing though. I would just declare war on the country and make peace right after that, being as big as I am now in the game, countries accept right away, and then I'm able to raise and lower my relation with that nation, but it seems that after a while that also stops working, so its a temporary solution that cant really be used for much.
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