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  1. When do you plan to get a Release date for this mod or just the beta. (By the way idk if beta comes after alpha or alpha comes after Beta.)
  2. Is this mod getting Traction like more people being aware about it's Existence? If not then how can i help i do want this mod to get Traction.
  3. Okay so is there going to be any future updates on the Progress of this mod?
  4. Great another Great Mod gone down into the Shitter.
  5. Okay got it to work but there is a Problem i can't play the mod i click on the icon that plays the game, It just stops loading it.
  6. Okay how do a Archive into the Root folder I don't about this stuff, A tutorial that helps me installing it well help me out a alot.
  7. Can you at least tell me or us how to Install it into AoC2?
  8. It would be cool if you could add alaska to the map.
  9. Okay First off can you get us a Link for PC Version that does not acquir (Idk if i'm spelling it wrong I'm autistic but still) You to have Permission form you, If you say no just Dm me on Twitter so i can get Permission to download it.
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