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  1. Absolutely. We need an update. Even if there is an update to fix game bugs, this will be fine for everyone.
  2. PC version is ready. DOWNLOAD NOW!πŸ˜„ https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cPGqvPR-VgCJtlsNF3vl-9eH9EZtD3iT/view?usp=sharing
  3. Hello; I was make 47 events on 1936. But scenario was corrupted. We will also release one with more events with a new update. We do not want to make you wait too long. That's why there will be no event in the first version, but I am starting the version with event from today. There will be events in 10-15 countries and there will be around 100 events in total. Moreover, there may be errors in the game. Pictures do not work when adding leader. We are working on fixing them. Stay tuned!
  4. Man. You are really racist or stupid. I could not understand what your purpose was. The jealousy? You can't make fun of a person's illness!
  5. It is not good to insult and to be unfair to something that has been done. We try to defend ourselves. This mode is not stolen. And never will. So, we did not say a bad word to the Russians. But they called us a thief. In short, I wish that if everyone was interested in their own business, we realized that this could not happen. Now; good bye and good luck for your jobs.
  6. Okay. I don't want to deal with you. Because I don't think you're smart enough. Go and play your shitty Addon now World + was never paid. It won't be
  7. You exceed your limits. First, stop calling the background is stealed because the yandex background is not yours. Secondly, leave us alone and play with your own Yandex Addon and stop lying!
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