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  1. Sorry. I will start again for the mod. Border orders were very bad. I will attempt this again after the football war. And you can be sure that it will be more beautiful. And the game will be released to mobile with my other modes
  2. So i'll publish mod soon. Sorry i can't find time
  3. Yes, the number of states is low. I am doing this to try. I have a better idea in mind. So it was a map that I made to practice. But I wanted to share with those who want to play😄
  4. Hello! I had to pause the Balkan map But after I finish this, I will do something much better. The map is over, but I'll share it soon. The first images are like this. It will have mobile support but not only with this. It will come with more different maps.
  5. hmm. Okey ı'll check it
  6. Hello there. I'll get into the subject right away. While I was mapping, I took care of the sea provinces, but I could not turn some land states into the sea. I adjust and save from the game, but it does not turn into the sea. Please help me!
  7. https://discordapp.com/channels/586499220677328897/672475751731429440/719161309694001204 our discord adress
  8. Kolay gelsin o zaman😃 Bende bir balkan haritasıyla uğraşıyordum
  9. Hi friends! i switched my account because i dont like my name. Now; bulgaria is finished. Romania and Turkey is remaining only!
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