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  1. Remember the most active mod discussions are on my Discord. https://discord.gg/P87fwMj
  2. We were attacked by spam-bots again. Time to "un-bury" this thread.
  3. I found out what was making the game freeze up for Android players. It turns out AoC2 doesn't like it when I put in the Imperator scenario with only 2 other scenarios. It needs more scenarios to load properly. So to prevent the thing from freezing, I had to add back all the scenarios from vanilla AoC2. Lovely.
  4. A new sneak peek is up on my Discord. https://discord.gg/P87fwMj
  5. Project Imperator has something like that for France and French Guiana.
  6. Build 2 will feature new formables, a longer story, and new decisions.
  7. Heh heh... From the looks of things, you already have an Imperator: Rome thingy going. We don't need two of those running at the same time now, do we?
  8. It is now July 1st on the US west coast, which means the open alpha has officially started! Here's a full list of changes compared to the closed alpha version. Added a brand new "nighttime" map background. Added new decisions for France and Brazil. Included two bonus scenarios. (see here for details) Fixed a bug for China where some "AI activator" events were visible to players. Added event descriptions for the "Cyprus Dispute" story bit. Added a new logo and loading text. Created a new thumbnail for the "Imperator: Modern Day" scenario.
  9. Stupid me didn't even make Tanganyika a vassal. Welp. :P
  10. I'm not basing this on any other mod. I'm using vanilla AoC2.
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