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  1. The premise for one of the next scenarios. Also I'm currently drafting new scenarios on mobile, but not actually updating the mod files. So no actual development is happening atm.
  2. Yeah, but what about leaders that come into power in between those 70 years? That's the problem I have with the leader system.
  3. Showing the right leaders in the right scenarios. If I try to make a leader that comes into power before the scenario starts, chances are some guy from the future will show up instead.
  4. Nearly a month later... Nothing!
  5. MEMRI TV always shows things like this. So many memes come from it that you could call it MEMERI TV instead. 🤭
  6. One thing I'm probably not gonna do with this mod ever: I'm not gonna try and fix the leaders. I could try as hard as I could and the leaders would still be broken. The whole leader system is fucked, and there's no way to un-fuck it.
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