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  1. From my observations, just trying to select the scenario leads to errors. Trying to open it in the scenario editor also gives errors. So I'm certain the scenario is broken in some way, though I just don't know how.
  2. Those are the princely states. The states like Gwalior and Mewar had not been conquered or annexed by the British, but were instead under subsidiary alliances. So a better solution would be to replace the British Raj civ with British India instead.
  3. I searched for the words "mod" and "dead" and found this.
  4. MOD REAPED (Vine boom)
  5. (Red reported the dead mod.) 🟦: where? 🟩: where 🟥: mods tab 🟧: Red sus ⬜: Im in scenarios 🟥: no 🟦: i just left offtopic 🟩: any sus 🟨: I have scan can anyone pls watch? 🟩: oh 🟧: Yes red you sus 🟪: yellow visuals r off 🟩: i was in tutorials saw black as well 🟨: Oh :( 🟥: wth orange how am I sus I did nothing!! 🟨: well I was downloading in leaders 🟧: The dev told me you Killed were on discord 🟥: QHAT THE **** BRUH THATS CHEATING 🟪: wait red? 🟥: Purp its ok orange isnt on discord hes lying I didnt ki
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