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  1. 1. That's a question meant for ลukasz. 2. See my response on "Do I like Turks?". 3. Pretty much the only thing I've made that's had actual effort put into it. But now it's dead and gone, so it doesn't matter.
  2. 1. The Turks are alright. I have nothing against them. 2. I'm from a magical place called Earth.
  3. 3. Meh. Uganda's fine. The memes are fine. But this guy isn't fine. 4. If I ever feel like doing something AoC2-related again. 5. I already answered that, didn't I? 6. I think everyone's a good person. Except the spam-bots. 7. Sure, as long as you don't add any events with a "Decision taken" trigger. 8. Do wars count? If so, then my pick is the War of the Bucket.
  4. Meh. I don't really care about Memo anymore. I left his server after the other admins pissed me off. I don't think of anyone as the "best" member, but I do believe that anybody who isn't just trying to cause trouble for everyone can call themselves a good member of the community. But depending on how people behave, some people may be better than others.
  5. I haven't looked into it much, as I've been away from the forums for awhile. For the past few months, I used to be an admin on Memo's Discord server. He keeps saying he'll make Addin V8, but since V7 came out, his progress on that has been 0%. Plus I'm not too sure whether he gets permission from people to use their scenarios, but rather to simply review them. Any mod that offers a unique gameplay experience and differs from all the "quantity-based" mods out there. Lukasz should have at least fixed the most fatal bugs in his game to appease the players, such as the infamous "1000 turn" glitch. But instead he wants to follow his own plans. He even hid a few topics where I made suggestions and reported bugs. If Lukasz chooses to retain all the features of AoC2 while also switching to a new engine and RTS gameplay, then it may take at least 3 years to get a third installment to the AoC series. The worst ones are by far the spam-bots. They stop me from seeing the stuff people have created and posted about! Let's just say that Drew Durnil and everybody else can't keep this game afloat forever. I haven't seen Vis do anything, so I don't know.
  6. I'm Chairman Baad, a guy who fell out of the sky a few months ago and created a bunch of random AoC2 stuff. I'm mostly known for Project Imperator, a modern day mod which is no longer being developed. Other things I've created include The Colorful World and a couple of meme civs. I've decided to start a Q&A session here because I want to know what sorts of questions you people have for me. Please don't ask me to continue P.I. or to help fix a bug. I'll just ignore things like those. Alright, enough of the chit chat. Let's get some questions going.
  7. Hello, Imperial Government officer.

  8. @The IM, I'm worried about this mod. I fear it will succumb to this major bug with AoC2 events, especially since it includes "focus trees". Please keep this in mind while developing this.
  9. Looks like P.I. is doomed forever. ลukasz probably won't fix this any time soon which means all your saves will be corrupted and messed up.
  10. Chairman Baad


    @ลukasz Jakowski, will AoC2 scenarios work with AoC3 as well?
  11. Your scenario has not been updated for more than 0.47 picoseconds! Time for the haha mod dead song.
  12. Long ago, the heavenly kingdom of Chromatia sent 16 million people to establish governments and nations on Earth. Each nation had a specific national color, and nations with similar colors formed "realms". 1,266 years later, the nations began seeking to expand their "realm" across the entire world... The Colorful World is a scenario where all the nations and factions are based on colors. This scenario was made in Project Imperator, but you don't need it to play this. This scenario currently contains 32 nations. Updates are planned, but won't come out very often since Project Imperator is my main focus. Recent Updates 1.1: Added the orange, purple, pink, and brown realms. 1.0: Created the scenario! Planned Updates Create new nations for all the realms Events? The Colorful World.zip
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