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  1. A note to everyone:

    You are NOT allowed to use the stuff I've made without asking my permission. IF I CATCH YOU STEALING MY STUFF FOR A MOD OR SOMETHING, I'LL REPORT IT TO ŁUKASZ. End of story.

  2. This spam-bot is still trying to post despite being banned. 😐

  3. Hello, Imperial Government officer.

  4. I will NOT accept AoC3 unless Łukasz fixes the bugs. If he doesn't fix the bugs, then not only would he disappoint everyone who was expecting bug fixes, but he could also create even more bugs.

  5. Reminder to make the community modern world scenario.

  6. If I put the "You Are Dead" song on a mod thread, it means the mod is dead, not you.

  7. My profile page isn't a bathroom stall, people. Better not write something weird for the whole world to see.

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