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  1. There are already tons of new provinces. Maybe Ivan has some more edits for us and he's keeping them a surprise.
  2. I found an interesting way to break the GCW.
  3. My dev build doesn't crash at all. It only takes a while to load fully. Just remember to uninstall and reinstall as it's required for this version.
  4. What3words: ///footstool.deriving.bisects
  5. ATTENTION, PC USERS! A major bug with the civilizations editor has been discovered. On PC, this cannot be fixed through an update or patch. Instead, you have to manually delete the Age_of_Civilizations file from the civilizations_editor folder. If you already made some custom civs, then remove the ; at the beginning of the file.
  6. Memo said on his Discord that he'll ask for permission to use people's stuff next time. Let's hope he'll remember to do this.
  7. I always do that. If I need a civilization that doesn't exist in-game, I create it in the game editor. I also design a flag if one isn't available.
  8. In a previous player survey, the people expressed an interest in HoI4-based scenarios. So I'll definitely think about adding scenarios for Kaiserreich, Krasnacht, and Kalterkrieg, but without events and not in the next update. Most likely after I've completed my alternate world scenario and Regions of the World.
  9. A new player survey has started! Only 3 questions can be added at a time, so I've broken the survey down into sets of questions. Set 1 is up top, but here are my questions for Set 2: Do you considered TCBC to be underrated or underappreciated? [Yes, TCBC is quite underrated!] [No, TCBC has enough appreciation.] Would you be interested in "demo scenarios" from TCBC for other mods? [Yes, I'd give them a go.] [No, I'll just stick with the full versions.] I have thought of adding descriptions and tags for all the built-in scenarios. The only issue is that they can't be localized.
  10. Tagging @Aryan because TNO.
  11. A SHOCKING DISCOVERY! Guess what, everyone? Looks like Addin does have some original content! Either that, or this is another stolen scenario with the creator's name erased. If it's the latter, then Memo has officially gone too far.
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