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  1. Build 4 is here with: More improved light placement on the map background Brazil now changes into the Empire of Brazil when becoming an absolute monarchy A new decision for Ireland Irish cores added to N. Ireland
  2. Always has been. This scenario features 7 civs, all Ohio with different government types. The scenario also comes with a custom palette. Open the game folder and put the palette in the pallets_of_civs_colors folder. It's All Ohio.zip
  3. Hey, everyone! Alpha Build 2 is officially released! New features: • An improved map background • New decisions for: United States, Germany, Belarus, Lesotho, Malaysia • More countries are now involved in the story (check #story-involvement-map on my Discord) • Added new formables based on alliances and organizations • Added 5 new custom formables (see if you can find and form them!) • Added the TDPR Changes: • New Caledonia is now a vassal of France (Modern Day) • Altered the "Return of the Monarchy" decision for Brazil (Modern Day) • Tanganyika is now a vassal of the U.K. (Africa - 2000 A.D.?) You know what to do.
  4. I am currently packing up all the files for Alpha Build 2 and will release the new build when ready.
  5. Never mind. No "You Are Dead" this time. Wa-bam! https://www.moddb.com/mods/aoc-ii-the-kings-of-dynasties/downloads/the-kings-of-dynasties
  6. Reminder to make the community modern world scenario.

  7. Hello? Are you working on this or did your head explode from all our crazy ideas?
  8. Keep this in mind when you play: Sometimes an event happens, and sometimes it doesn't. The decisions of the AI won't always be the same. Each playthrough is meant to be at least slightly different from the previous one.
  9. I said I'd work on this when I have time. A project of mine never truly dies. If I feel like adding on to something, I'll add on to it. And for the record, you people didn't leave empty-handed.
  10. This mod is officially in the void. I'll probably continue development once I have more time, but for now it's in the void.
  11. Remember the most active mod discussions are on my Discord. https://discord.gg/P87fwMj
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