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  1. Can you make it so we can choose to have 0% AI aggressiveness. It prevents a lot of border gore
  2. Sigh, another dead mod
  3. Taschip

    Game of Thrones

    RIP another mod
  4. Finally someone asks this question, It's about time
  5. Discord link is expired, SET THE EXPIRE TIME TO NEVER WHEN YOU SEND A LINK!
  6. I'm interested in a Fallout mod, since the only one is dead.
  7. Why can't I create a scenario? Also most of the scenarios seem like prequel trilogy.
  8. Still no working download link? Another unfinished mod...
  9. Can you add a Google Drive download for Android? Looks awesome
  10. Why are dead mods like this still up? They should be deleted.
  11. Taschip


    Uh, okay.
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