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  1. As I said, it isn't joke 😄
  2. It doesn't matter if you want it or not. You cant change the facts 😉
  3. Huh, not an insult.Its your real nation 😄
  4. You should speak English in a global place Mongol
  5. You don't need to interfere with anyone already 😄 If you wanna be succesfull on this forum, you have to create your own ideas. Dont steal the ideas
  6. A bad copy of Hearts of AoH2. Simon did a great job and now, we're all will see copies of the great mod. Like this...
  7. Really nice job again like all your mods. I hope this mod will be the best with the next updates!
  8. 😄 Most of pinned mods in the forum made by them (AoC2ModdingTR)
  9. Bruh Moment... Kerem and his group made so many great mods for the game. They really improved the game. Conqueror's II is the best mod of the game for sure and this mod made by them. Kerem isn't source of shame for Turks, Kerem is pride of the community..
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