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  1. There are mods like Bloody Europe II, in which if you capture certain amount of important provinces, the enemy country capitulates.
  2. Dear developer. We have been actively asking you to update the game for a day now, and we have a specific small request-please make it possible to change the leaders with the help of events. This is the best way to show a good attitude to your audience and thank the modders for updating your game. Your great fans.

    1. Yuri05


      I say we should all make an effort to learn the game inside out and if he says he fully gives up on the game, we should continue it as open source.

  3. Dear developer. Please add to the game the ability to change the leader of the country using events. Your great fans.

  4. Hi Łukasz, I think that there are too many things to fix before doing another game that nobody really wanted right now. The event creator system works horribly, how is it possible that you can’t make multiple countries have the same events? Or why the events decisions aren’t remembered by the IA once you safe the game? And let’s be honest there should be more causes and outcomes when you are creating an event. Apart from those things there are others that need fixing for example technology, the HRE, trade, cultures... and there should be as well new mechanics that were either promised or that would make a great addition to the game such as religions, a better vassals system, online multiplayer, elections for democratic countries... I mean it wouldn’t even be necessary for the new additions to be introduced with an update, you could do like paradox and other companies and make dlcs, so that you can continue earning money after the game has been released. So the question is: Why @Łukasz Jakowski, why have you decided to not update the game?

    1. DespotMilan


      you have spoken everything. seen.

  5. @Łukasz Jakowski could you please stop ignoring the community and at least answer if you plan to release an update or if not?
  6. I think @Łukasz Jakowskihas already seen this but he hasn’t reacted to it. If he doesn’t respond he would show us he doesn’t really care for his fans or his own game.
  7. Lukasz hasn’t designed a Map Editor for Android or iOS, is one of the many things he should have done but that he hasn’t.
  8. Argentum

    Roma Invicta

    @Kerems2434 It would probably be better if you did a Topic, rather than saying it in a mod discussion
  9. I can't download the latest android versions
  10. It does, they recently told us they’ve made 35 events for the Hungarian decision tree for now.
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