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  1. ok i'm sorry i dont know it finished
  2. i dont know behind the scenes i read entire topic and he actually said unoriginal(!) to all turkish modders
  3. http://www.ageofcivilizationsgame.com/topic/158563--/?tab=comments#comment-203471 look at it
  4. DenizMert2008


    ???????????????????????? i think its racism thieving havent got a nation but yes we have unoriginal guys but not all turk
  5. all turks are not stealing who maked non-important civs like izmit
  6. guys who know java we all know it we will wait for aoc 3 many years i hhave the game's (aoc2) source codes i can give
  7. what happened my last topic deleted and i dont know when what how and why

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