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  1. Bunu(post silmek) önceden yapmıştım ama senaryo değildi, gene de yapılmasını bazen tavsiye ederim.
  2. Bro please talk more serious.
  3. There is NO mod that activates religion feature for AoH2.
  4. I'm sure af there won't be an aoc3 or something like it, Lukazs quitted it.
  5. I just re-opened game, it fixed, thanks.
  6. Game crashes when i click load game.
  7. A scenario about Ottoman-Mamluk war. Scenario file : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rmJxl8ZK9OnmARMNUiXWyHDUPla_tge-/view?usp=sharing A note : I never planned to make this scenario, i was planning a Crimean-Russian war scenario but i forgot the Russian, Ottoman and other European borders so i didn't make it.
  8. reason i asked : in a tech forum i just got banned 16 times because of 1 topic, now i want to know is anybody banned in this site?
  9. @Resul Pashaeveryone atma lan!
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