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  1. i know it but in 2020 technology is so good internet is in it too
  2. wow why is error like max user
  3. hata var cermenler (almanlar avusturyalılar ingilizler) fransızar kavimler göçüyle avrupaya geldi
  4. no i add this system but UN but hre will stay and not emperor elector prince must be president elector watcher or more availible word
  5. meaanwile lukasz jakowski games in steam
  6. me too and bots arent offering alliance to player
  7. yerin varsa dosyayı yazıya sürükle bırak öyle daha hızlı
  8. 1571 senario with 0 event (no events) and customized relationships and some borders may false and plz reply the topic File : 1571.rar
  9. scenarios kısmı senaryolar için
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