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  1. Although this mod is "temporarily" dead for long time because the modder CopenhaguanLink himself own PC's is broken, but since it's been 3-5 weeks when he said that, I'll ask him if his pc is still broken or not.
  2. Well CopenhaguenLink Forgot to post 0.6 For android soo here: https://adclic.pro/Ultradroid06 (Btw he not recommend to play that version since its buggy as heck but if you want to play it then feel free to do so)(Note: CopenhaguenLink PC is broken again but he'll back soon continuing to mod)
  3. Zorneo

    Afghan Wars

    Oh boy it's been awhile. idk if you're still here or not but use Google drive or MediaFire and after you know how to use it, copy the link to here
  4. Hello there- Oh wait this mod is dead
  5. Aight i'm back and it seem like android version finally released while i'm busy (if i don't i could've made android version way earlier). Anyway i'm back at this mod to help CopenhaguenLink to fixed and see the problems and errors or giving suggestions for his mod.
  6. Huh it's been awhile but when you post that mod since you already posted the second mod link you showed here
  7. This mod has claimed to be the most sussiest mod ever
  8. Thanks for understanding about it. CopenhaguenLink share his progress on his discord server soo feel free to join his discord server if you interested so!
  9. Oh sorry if you see my message up there the map was soo broken that there no way of fixing it soo CopenhaguenLink had to remade it again. Join CopenhaguenLink discord if you want to see the progress! Well since it's beta. it is understandable that why there's no many scenario with the normal map (see the first quote or my previous message) on the first place
  10. Another day, Another "i can't make the map worked" Bad news there's nothing i can do with the map unless the creator CopenhaguenLink fixed it soo i can continue to make the a.p.k with the map
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