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  1. This mod has claimed to be the most sussiest mod ever
  2. Thanks for understanding about it. CopenhaguenLink share his progress on his discord server soo feel free to join his discord server if you interested so!
  3. Oh sorry if you see my message up there the map was soo broken that there no way of fixing it soo CopenhaguenLink had to remade it again. Join CopenhaguenLink discord if you want to see the progress! Well since it's beta. it is understandable that why there's no many scenario with the normal map (see the first quote or my previous message) on the first place
  4. Another day, Another "i can't make the map worked" Bad news there's nothing i can do with the map unless the creator CopenhaguenLink fixed it soo i can continue to make the a.p.k with the map
  5. Uh oh some big words argument
  6. After long time researching what the heck is going on with the map files. I think i can confirm there something wrong with the map files and since CopenhaguenLink PC is broken. I gotta find some help to fix the map problem or players have to play the vanilla map that make everyone cringing themselves on the mod (and again sorry if my bloody Shakespearean English is bad) Note: CopenhaguenLink in Discord has said that his PC is dead (or completely broken) which mean it gonna take a lot of time for him to find a new one to continue his mod
  7. OK soo no good news and only a bad news it seem like it working but it always stuck at 99% and when i check the map files there something odd with it when i open it with text editor and compare it with other mod map file and I'm not sure if that the cause of it. Soo it will take long time to make android version with the CopenhaguenLink map but if some of you know the solution of this problem we'll appreciate about it (again sorry if my English is not good)
  8. Hey guys i will try to make the android version since i have contacted with the Dev mod in discord and its still in progress! Soo stay soon! (Sorry if my English is not good)
  9. This is a shelter if a dum dum raid this forum again (possibly get this topic spammed soon) Edit: also lukasz ffs can you please stop ignoring and make this website more safely
  10. Well about the 5th one You supposed to edit it in hexadecimal way to make it worked (note: if you edit the '0' x0 it might crash your device when you open the game i believe)
  11. Hmm i wondering how Anyway let me bump this topic
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